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Each year, the music industry is directly responsible for approximately 540,000 tons of carbon emissions. Can we reduce this? Yes! The efforts toward going green have often been cost prohibitive in the past, but now it is a viable business option that is fiscally possible.

In some cases, new trends are actually driving the movement toward more green practices. For instance, today there are many government mandates and incentives to encourage businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. For today’s blog, let’s explore how to reduce your carbon footprint in the music industry.

Start with Your Stuff!

Start with your equipment, materials, and merchandise. There are big opportunities right here to choose things that are more energy efficient. Consider things that have Energy Star ratings or similar certifications. You may also look for equipment that uses recycled or sustainable materials and components.

Also, consider the merchandise you are selling. Everything from band t-shirts to event hoodies can be made from organic, recycled, or sustainable materials. The same can be said for services. There are many options for eco-friendly printing and packaging.

On the Move!

One of the biggest areas many businesses can improve their carbon footprint is in transportation. Musicians and performers tend to travel a lot. Therefore, transportation becomes a big part of the conversation.

Perhaps it is time to consider an EV (electric vehicle). These reduce fossil fuel consumption and overall emotions. This is a particularly good idea, especially if you are in a business where you need to make deliveries. Here you will want to pack your vehicle as full as possible to avoid any extra trips.

Another option would be to plan shows so there is less distance to travel between them. Or perhaps you do consecutive shows in venues within close proximity to each other. Yet another option could be public transportation or carpooling with other musicians. There are so many options to consider!

Keep It Virtual

There were many pros and cons to living in a virtual world. One is it is often better for the environment because there are fewer travel expenditures for both the musicians and the fans. Perhaps you consider virtual performances or livestreaming? This is a great way to reach a large audience without all the consumption and waste that comes with traveling to a venue.

Be an Advocate

When you are working with partners, you can take a role in advocacy for the environment. Maybe you work with venue operators, promoters, and suppliers to employ practices and use materials that reduce the carbon footprint. Or perhaps you use your influence to inspire your fans to do the same. A collective effort can have widespread results.

Internally, there are many things you can do on the business side. Look for suppliers that leverage greener practices. Make sure to ask them about products that use sustainable materials or produce reduced emissions.

Walk the Talk

Make sure your environmental efforts span both your business and personal life. At home, we can all do a better job of reducing single-use plastics and disposable containers. We can all make an effort to recycle and buy things that are more sustainable. Do your part—both at work and at home.

All this effort will set a good example for others, ultimately having a greater impact on the world we all live in. Do your part in both your personal life and your business and it will make a ripple effect across the music industry. We can all become a better role model for how to reduce our carbon footprint.