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Beginning to learn to play a musical instrument is always fascinating, but brings a lot of difficulties and doubts. Woodwinds instruments have one big advantage and at the same time a disadvantage: The quality of the sound depends on the player, on the anatomy of the body, muscles, cavities, teeth, and lips. This should be remembered especially when teaching beginners. This is when it is important to find the most comfortable way to play, while maintaining a beautiful sound. Further remember about equipment.

Nowadays, many companies producing clarinets and musical accessories compete in the music market. A variety of brands help musicians choose clarinet, mouthpiece, barrel, ligature, and reeds for themselves. However, it is important to remember what criteria should be used in the selection. It is worth mentioning aspects such as the length of playing the instrument, the level of playing, needs, and adjusting the budget.

In the article Forming a Good Embouchure is Key to Selecting a Clarinet Mouthpiece written by Kristine Dizon, you will find helpful advice, not only for beginners. You will learn how to position lips, teeth, and circular muscles of the mouth. Follow the instructions step by step to find a way to produce a beautiful sound on the clarinet. Moreover, you will receive an overall perspective about the mouthpieces’ design, the difference in the tip opening and facing length, choosing the reeds, and finally tips on how to select a clarinet mouthpiece. Clarinet skills start with the sound, which is why embouchure and mouthpiece play a main role in this process.

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