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Did you know that almost 80% of musicians are freelance, relying on a varying series of gigs to pull together enough income to earn a living? Of the 20% musicians remaining, just 12% claimed a working salary in the business, and 8% didn’t work in the music industry at all.

It can be disappointing and stressful when you have a passion for music, but realize that to earn enough to live comfortably, you’ve got to rely on multiple income streams – in essence, a portfolio career.

And that is precisely why Lisa’s Clarinet Shop exists. Lisa is a musician with many musician friends. She noticed how exhausting it was to be continually focused on developing more jobs for herself and those around her. As she looked at her friends, she couldn’t help but notice how varied their secondary music skills and talents were. Some played clarinet in a band and taught music lessons on the side. Others were great at repairing their instruments and often, those of friends. Still others were excellent at seeing music-related opportunities they knew others could perform, and networked that information about available gigs.

A lightbulb went off in Lisa’s head. Wouldn’t it be helpful to connect musicians of all stripes, helping them earn a significant portion of their income by providing information about additional income streams and opportunities?

The answer was a vigorous yes! And as easy as sounding middle C on a piano keyboard, Lisa’s Clarinet Shop was born.

Founded on the belief that if more musicians could find helpful and easy ways to collaborate with one another, Lisa’s Clarinet Shop knew they could change the world for fellow musicians everywhere by setting up a single source for gaining new technical knowledge on instrument repair, sharing information about gig opportunities, and providing a welcome inventory on instrument accessories and purchases.

As Lisa says, “Musicians are some of the brightest, giving, resourceful, and industrious humans I have ever met or will know. I am in awe, so often, of your creativity, interests and capabilities.”

“I believe music making is about togetherness. About sharing and collaboration. It’s about supporting and helping each other. It’s everything I describe here in our Music for Good Manifesto.

“With all that in mind, I created Lisa’s Clarinet Shop to make your portfolio of music-related gigs go smoothly with less interruption and lots more dependability. But quite honestly, that’s very difficult to feel when there are not enough opportunities for musicians and too many of us competing for them.” 

“That’s why I felt it was important to tie the joy of emotional giving to creating the standard of living every musician deserves. Less competition; more sharing. I mean, how wonderful for those two human values – making music and sharing opportunities — to go hand in hand?”

So what does Lisa’s program encompass?

Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is a program designed by musicians, for musicians – and not just about musicians that play the clarinet, of course. It’s about all musicians, all woodwind instruments, and all forms of musical income – from repair to performances — the whole beautiful musical career portfolio!

Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is a viable source for:

  • Musical gig referrals and networking (with a built-in way to benefit from those referrals)
  • Precise instrument information you can rely upon
  • Woodwind repair courses
  • Instrument replacement parts
  • New and used instruments
  • Technical repair courses for all kinds of woodwind instruments
  • Hard-to-find Instrument accessories

The key to embracing all these interesting, divergent (and related) programs is Lisa’s Clarinet Shop Ambassador Program, a career advancement program designed to create opportunities for you that naturally fit into the fabric of your career and project goals. The Ambassador Program helps you to attain new knowledge that can help bring you closer to your goals.

It also engages those who help others network with a rewards program for referrals. The program tracks whom you recommend, what you recommend, which programs you take and complete, and provides incentives around those opportunities.

Through this program, Lisa’s Clarinet Shop has built a healthy, supportive, psychologically safe, and thriving online network through which musicians can collaborate, earn more income, and strengthen their skills.

So, is this program a win-win for you? Here’s how to know:

  • You want to build a more successful portfolio career through a variety of jobs that together are the perfect fit to support your music career.
  • You enjoy learning about and recommending equipment to others.
  • You enjoy helping others play better and improve and have the patience to do it.
  • You and/or your students frequently find yourself in need of quality affordable repair.
  • You enjoy helping your students select new instruments and need reliable information towards that end.
  • You want the best quality you can afford for yourself and those you teach.
  • You work in a local community and want music-making to be a bigger part of it.

If you see yourself in these statements, chances are good that Lisa’s Clarinet Shop’s Ambassador Program could offer real benefits for you, such as:

  • A Code of Conduct to help members feel comfortable in their community sharing and collaborating.
  • Great part-time opportunities for private lesson teachers, educators, and freelance performers.
  • Three different Woodwind Master Repair Courses to choose from to build your technical repair skills: Clarinet, saxophone and flute repair.
  • Free Marketing Support when you collaborate within the network.
  • Career Support donated by me to help you navigate relationships you need to build outside the network.

Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is all about helping your love of music grow and helping you use new knowledge and opportunities to advance your career. It’s about tapping into your passion for music and sharing it with others.

It’s about helping your love of music grow and “Better Your Best,” helping you use new practical knowledge to not only advance your career, but also to provide a lot more control over your career as a portfolio musician.

Ready to learn more?

The best way to find out about this program designed for musicians by musicians — is to set up a 30-minute discovery call. That way, we can answer your specific questions about the topics and specifics that most interest you. Call (773) 756-2163 and open the door to Lisa’s Clarinet Shop.