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Behind musicians and music educators are people who take care of them and their musical instruments. Have you ever heard about the important role of the music instrument repair person? This profession, a bit overlooked in the world, affects musical life and a lot of people. Sometimes you can practice the whole day and night without any progress in your skills. There are times when teaching tricks and tips are not enough to achieve success and stay motivated. As a musician, if you are stuck, think about your equipment, maybe there is one weak link that keeps you away from your goals? For all instrumentalists—but especially woodwind players—perfectly matched instruments and accessories like mouthpiece, ligature, or reed can completely change the playing experience and move it to a higher level.

Not every day can you meet a person who believes that artists can make our life better. Meet Lisa Canning and her passion. She has been helping clarinetists to find the best instrument and setup for 41 years. Her passion and actions rapidly advance the abilities of musicians through quality repair and understanding how to select the right equipment. But this is not the end of her activities. In SBO Magazine, she created a column called Wind Talkers to share her experience and knowledge, together with invited writers, for music educators, hobbyists, and specialists alike who play flute, clarinet, and saxophone. It is also a space for comments and sharing both writers’ and readers’ ideas, thoughts, and passion. Thanks to her initiative, you can read the Wind Talkers articles, which support the teaching process, choosing and improvement through musical equipment, improving attitudes for better outcomes in the classroom, and finding and increasing motivation to learn to play a musical instrument. Read more about her ideas, intentions, and goals in For the Love of Music and Woodwind Instruments.