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Are you getting serious?

I chose the name GetSeriO for our line of clarinets because it was designed for those who want to deepen their relationship and commitment to music, and to get serious about their playing. Are you, or your students, ready to sharpen your skills with the clarinet? If so, how can we help motivate you to find your voice?

At GetSerio, we are here to help you find equipment to help you in your musical journey. Playing professional level equipment can be expensive and discourage young players from achieving their musical goals. From my experience, motivation comes from within and that the first step is to finding a set up that works for you.  By owning a high-quality instrument, it not only allows you the possibilities to improve, but deepen your commitment to music. I have dedicated 40 years of hands-on research to helping musicians find their voice by hand-selecting only the highest-quality clarinets for my clients.  

While we are a young line of clarinets, we are attracting seriously motivated players. Find out more about SeriO clarinets from our customers.

  • Don is developing his clarinet playing as a retiring band director. He bought a set of SeriO’s for himself and a dozen for his school. He is improving his playing while developing his skills as a master woodwind repair technician.
  • Robert, a private teacher, recommends them to his students so they can grow musically with them.
  • Michael couldn’t center his sound but was passionate about wanting to play better. At 15 years old and in just one year with his SeriO clarinets, he has developed into a different player and ready for an even more agile, flexible instrument.
  • Mevonnie is using a SeriO as her main teaching instrument to demonstrate techniques to her students and help them learn to play better and faster.
  • Bonnie and Hannah and a few others in our master repair course (through Lisa’s Clarinet Shop), are using SeriO to develop their skills setting up clarinets masterfully and giving them something to compare other instruments against.

I designed SeriO instruments for serious pedagogical reasons. We want to help students learn better with serious equipment to help students musically progress through each stage of their playing needs. Our focus is to help everyone feel truly comfortable to play their best with professional level equipment – something that every developing clarinetist needs. Our emphasis is on leveling the playing field by providing affordable professional quality level instruments.

Music is such a positive force in this world. The world needs more hard-working individuals who find a little more luck in life because of it.  I am proud of the work we are doing to help more passionate clarinetists grow musically with our instruments.