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Upgrading to a professional quality clarinet can be a daunting and expensive task, but a necessary one for any clarinetist wishing to advance their playing. There are many different brands and models out there with hefty price tags, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. SeriO clarinets are fairly new to the professional clarinet market, and at only $2500 are worth exploring.

SeriO offers two unique clarinet models that differ based on tone color. The OscurO model clarinet has a darker overall sound, and the ClarO model has a brighter sound. Clarinetists who tend to play brightly may prefer the darkness offered by the OscurO, whereas the clarinetist who would like more higher tones and color in their playing might prefer the ClarO.

SeriO offers both models for B-flat, A, and E-flat clarinets all at the cost of $2500. The SeriO professional bass clarinet is also available for $5500.

Standard Features
All of the Serio B-flat, A, and E-flat clarinets come standard with some great features. One of the most exciting is the left hand Eb key, which you won’t find standard on many of the pricier clarinet brands. In addition, the SeriO clarinets also come with an adjustable thumb rest and a tear drop register key. All SeriO clarinets have silver plated keys and leather pads.

Standard Accessories

Everyone loves goodies, and SeriO clarinets come with some great accessories. B-flat, A, and E-flat clarinets come with 2 barrels, a basic mouthpiece, a fabric “Rovner-style” ligature, a swab, a polishing cloth, cork grease, and a screwdriver. The case has a shoulder strap, backpack straps, and expandable pocket. A clarinets come with a double case, and B-flat and E-flat clarinets come with a single case.

Differences in Models

OscurO – darker sound

The OscurO model is designed for clarinetists who have a naturally bright or a smaller shape of sound and could benefit from having a darker, bigger sound.

The body is made from high quality aged Grenadilla wood.

B-flat clarinets come with a 65mm and 66mm barrel, and A clarinets come with 64mm and 65mm barrels. The E-flat comes with a 41mm and 42mm barrel.

ClarO-brighter, colorful sound

The ClarO is designed for clarinetists who have a darker sound and could benefit from brighter, more colorful elements to their sound.

The top joint is made with a Grenadilla blend, and the rest of the instrument is made with Grenadilla wood.

ClarO B-flat and A clarinets come with two barrels in 64mm and 65mm (A clarinet) and 65 and 66mm (B-flat clarinet). The E-flat ClarO comes with a 41mm and 42mm barrel.

Color-Ring™ System

To find the perfect fit for your sound, SeriO clarinets come in options that let you customize exactly what kind of sound you are looking for by using the Color-Ring™ System. You can choose from combinations of a dark or bright base color of sound, a smooth or big shape of sound, and a ringy or sweet color of sound. This video shows SeriO clarinet designer Lisa Canning (of Lisa’s Clarinet Shop) explaining the Color-Ring™ System.

All SeriO clarinets come with their Best in Class Warranty, which includes coverage of the clarinet body, barrels, bells, and cases.