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Beyond! Magazine featured our CEO, Lisa Canning

We’ve been working hard the past couple of years to get our projects off the ground – so it gives us immense pleasure to see that all our efforts are being recognized and appreciated. We’re celebrating this milestone with a special announcement! We are honored to be featured in the release of a special edition dedicated to inspiring women entrepreneurs. Read about how Lisa Canning is “Assisting Early-Stage Businesses to Grow” in Beyond! Magazine’s Issue #106, Top 10 Most Inspiring Businesswomen of Influence in 2021.

You’ll get to see how Lisa built up her company, Sales Maven LLC, using what she learned in her music studies to offset the setbacks brought about by the pandemic. You’ll also find out how she used the synergies between her two businesses to help drive more sales and clients to them, ultimately getting the opportunity to share the benefits of music with people in the industry.

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