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Artists tour for all sorts of reasons. Connecting with fans, making money, recharging their creative batteries, enjoying a change of scenery, to name just a few. But there are a number of things to keep in mind before packing up your gear and getting on the road.

First, if you hire a tour promoter, that’s going to cost about 15% of your gross receipts, according to The Knowledge Burrow, so you’ll start with 85% of what you think your total tour revenue will be.

And while traveling can be an investment in your creativity and a positive influence on your life and art, there is a downside. The pressure of traveling can affect your mental and physical health, personal life, and career. With this in mind, planning is essential before you can embark on a tour. Below are a few tips to be successful as a traveling artist.

Pick a Destination

If you have the flexibility to choose your destination, find one that piques your interests and creates room for career development. If you’re an artist, Europe has world-famous museums in virtually every major city on the continent. Musicians often plan trips to the birthplaces of various genres of music.

Choose Your Transportation Mode

Touring means traveling and traveling means transportation. Choosing the vehicle to get you from here to there can be challenging. First, how will you get to your destination. If you fly, you’ll need ground transportation at the other end. On the other hand, if you’re driving, you have other decisions to make. Is a tour bus right for you or a van? Or maybe a pick-up pulling a camper or trailer for your gear?

The type of vehicle you choose will depend on the size of crew, your budget, and schedule, so you will have to figure all of that out before you start.

Manage Your Finances

Nothing moves without money. If you plan on working while you’re on the road, how long can you survive before your artwork, music, or acting starts paying off. You can offer classes online, do a bit of blogging or vlogging, or take on a side job. With that said, a travel budget is essential. It helps you book the right accommodation in advance and have enough funds for airfare, fuel, food, and emergencies.

Artistic creativity and traveling are an excellent combination, as they create a sense of freedom and inspiration. However, being a touring artist can be stressful if you don’t plan. To be a successful artist on the road, choose a destination that suits your interests, invest in the right transportation, and manage your finances wisely.